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Terms and Conditions

  1. Applicant’s responsibility to choose the right exam: It is solely the candidate’s responsibility to confirm and choose the right exam or course they require. All information given by our website and staff should be taken as a guide only. You must check with the UKBA, Home Office, with a solicitor or a citizen’s advice bureau to check which English exam you need. Intelligent Training Academy accepts no responsibility, for the exam candidates have chosen to take.
  2. Resits: You should book your exam well in advance to guarantee a place and have sufficient time for preparation. You will have to pay full price for resits in all the circumstances.
  3. Exams Booking: The exam will only be booked and confirmed after we have received all the information and full payment. It is up to candidate to make sure that they have provided us all correct information and valid ID documents. Failure to complete payment and missing any vital information will result in loss of exam place. Unless agreed otherwise in advance with Intelligent Training Academy. Price can also change without any notice.
  4. Course Booking: Candidates must attend their agreed classes on time and must complete their course within three months of the starting date. If you miss your classes or do not start course on agreed dates without informing us, you will lose your fee.
  5. ID: A valid photo ID details must be provided at the time of registration. We only accept A valid original Passport , UK Biometric Card or European ID Card for ID. You will have to email copy of your ID before we can confirm your exam. You must also bring the same original ID document on the exam day. If you fail to bring correct ID (ID used when registering) as required by Intelligent Training Academy, then you will be refused admission into the exam and will lose your place and your fee. Please make sure you bring the correct ID as agreed upon booking. We may keep copies of your ID and personal information for up to six years or more.
  6. Failure to attend Exam and Late arrival on Exam Day: Once an exam fee is paid and exam is booked, if you do not attend the exam for any reason you will not be liable for a refund. A full fee will have to be made in order to re-book an exam. If you cancel the exam four weeks prior to the exam date, we will refund the full fee after deducting £50 administration charge. If you are late for your exam you will lose your fee and will have to pay full amount to re-book.
  7. Fees and Refunds: Please note that we act as an agent for Trinity College for UKVI exams and our fee includes, £150 Trinity exam fee and £50 our administration charge for checking your ID, processing your application and postage by first class recorded delivery. A refund can only be made if done before 7 days of the exam date. If you decide to cancel within 7 days of your exam date you will lose your entire fee. The administration fee of £50 is non-refundable under all circumstances. We will not make any refund if there are any delays for certificates from the examining bodies. Courses must be cancelled at least 7 days in advance to get a refund. We will only keep £50 admin fee and refund the full amount.
  8. Replacement Certificate: The cost of replacement certificate is £50 which must be paid in advance before we request a new certificate.
  9. Delays in Certificates: Please note that in some cases certificates take longer to come than expected. We will give information of delivery time of certificate upon registration. This should be taken as a guide. We will not be responsible for the delays; neither can we make a refund if certificates come later than expected.
  10. Collection/Delivery of certificates: Candidates will be given an option at the test centre to choose from either paying for Secure delivery or normal (uninsured) first class post, which is free of charge. Please note that we will not be responsible if the certificate is lost via courier.
  11. Deadlines or Visa Expiry: It is your responsibility to book and pass your English exams for Home Office well in time before your visa expires. We will not get involved into any race if you have to meet any deadline and will not accept any liability if you cannot get your certificate before your visa expires.
  12. Changes in Law: We will not take any responsibility if the law changes after you have taken the exam with us and your certificate is no longer valid for the purpose. We will not make any refunds.
  13. Changes in Venue, Time and Exam: In rare cases we may have to change the date, venue or examining body for the exam. If this happens, we will notify you at the earliest opportunity. If we have to cancel an exam for any reason, we will offer you an alternative date or full refund if the new date is not suitable for you. There will not be any refund available if the exam starts late and you have to wait for little longer for your exam on the exam day.
  14. Communication: All the communication with us must be dealt during our working hours by email or through our main land line number.
  15. Non Transferable: The exam fee is non-transferable. You cannot transfer the fee to another exam or to another person.
  16. Harassment and Abusive Behaviour: Our staff have right to work without any fear. We will not tolerate any kind of harassment, threats or abusive behaviour over the phone or in our Centre. In such cases, you will not be allowed to sit in exam and you will lose your full fee. We also reserve the right to not to accept a candidate if we cannot confirm the identity or if a candidate has been abusive to our staff.

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